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It comes in many forms

Beware of Svetlana the phisher


ELVIRA (Photo credit: Kickstart70)

I was propositioned by Elvira today.
No, not that Elvira.
But, even sophisticated phishers like Elvira deserve privacy. So, for the purpose of protecting her (his/their?) identity, she will be known as Svetlana for the remainder of this post.
Seems Svetlana saw my profile on Match.
That would be all well and good if not for the fact I don’t have a profile, nor am I on, Match.
But, being the naturally inquisitive and investigative sort I am, I was intrigued, and so read past this error in fact on her part.
Svetlana’s English is not very good, but I was able to understand her letter to me.
I remember when “Beautiful Russian Women Want to Meet You!” was all the rage as far as email spam was concerned. Heck, I even remember when “Beautiful Russian Women Want to Meet You!” was all the rage as far as 1-800 phone number spam before it was even called spam.
The Russian spammers are still at it with this even more individualized, customized and personal approach.
Perhaps it is not of Russian origin at all, though. If not, I apologize in advance for misrepresenting this.
The subject of the email was, “New post from Svetlana!”
There were no attachments to this email and since my systems are always locked down adequately, I fearlessly clicked to open it.
My name is Svetlana I don’t know, will you interested in my message, but I’ll regret , if don’t write you. I hope, that you will understand my English (it’s not very good , i know:) )
I saw your profile on match.!”

Can you say zero credibility in my eyes at this point?
But, undaunted, I read on…
“It’s very difficult to begin conversation ialogue. I don’t know what interests the man form other country.. I am a woman who still trusts in true love. Yes, I am very lonely now, and i need life partner man.”
I feel ya, sister, honestly I do.
At this point I’m wondering who might actually be vulnerable enough to succumb to Svet’s grammatical and spelling charms.
I mean, I suspect Svet is actually either a teenage boy or part of an international crime syndicate preying on the vulnerable, lonely and isolated.
After I read the email in its entirety, I thought of Jack Nicholson in About Schmidt:

[Spoiler Alert]…of course, at the end of the movie, Warren receives a letter from Ndugu (via Sister Nadine Gotier (spelling?), and his life is at once validated and has meaning (my interpretation):

Back at the Svet ranch…
Svetlana went on to say something is missing from her life and this is why she has written me today. She also included a couple of photos (Svet, is that really you?) in the body of the email and an email address to contact her.
I think if she was just seeking some insight from me, some of my thoughts, she could have easily visited this blog.
But then maybe she would not have had the courage to email me and close with this stirring teaser:
“If you will have desire to write the short letter on my e-mail address mail, I will wait it with impatience. I hope you will write me very soon, and if you reply me, I will send you more about me, and some my photos photograph.
Take care…
Best redars,
… I wait your answer at my personal e-mail: xxxxxxxxxxxx@xxxxxx.xxx”

A phishing scam, much like hittingthesweetspot, comes in many forms.
Laugh while checking them out if you are so inclined, but steer clear, report it as spam and remain safe.
Your life has meaning.


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  1. Xbox is bae

    I received a message from someone called svetlana and her email says svetlanka she typed in spanish.
    I know it’s spam (its pretty obvious) I’m a girl so why a woman would be sending emails to other females saying she wants to find her ” true love”
    Here’s her message
    Buen día! How are you ???
    Mi nombre es ! Me presento soy Svetlana, Vivo en Rusia.
    Mi carta para usted no es error. He visto tu perfil en el sitio de citas es por eso i se escribieron.
    Quiero encontrar nuevos amigos de países extranjeros y posible reúnen mi verdadero amor. Interesado? me Responder
    Mi foto está por debajo. Svetlana
    Well my question is how did she/he or they find me? You can’t send emails without knowing their email address because automatically you will receive a message saying “failed delivered status” or something like that because the email doesn’t exist so you need to know the email to send them a message,you know? and what if I reply to them? (I’m really curious to know what could happen if I reply to those sources) is there any risk?
    Haha I know that is a stupid question but whatever.

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