Nothing else right when relationships wrong

Tunnel of Love

The one constant in business is cultivating and more importantly, nurturing, the relationships we have with our customers.

How do we get better at building relationships?

It begins at home my friends.

If the relationships in your personal life are going well, that frees you to make the business side of relationships in your company work for both you and your customers’ benefit.

It is no coincidence that when our personal lives are suffering in some fashion, we may be finding it difficult to keep our proverbial heads above water on the professional side.

Life is so busy for me these days that I find the time constraints of both education and work to be all-consuming to the point of not being able to enjoy enough face time with all of the new people I am meeting both on the job, in school (yes, I have just started taking classes again—more to come on this as time goes by) and at play (in a running club).

Even my love of blogging will need to be tempered accordingly.

Why oh why must I not blog as often as I would like?

Because with all that is going on, I do not want my personal relationships to suffer. They are a priority and specifically speaking, my relationship with my significant other gets the most attention (and deservedly so).

I was hanging out with a bunch of friends the other night and at one point during the course of buffalo-wing fueled conversation, observed, “Everything else going on in my life is garbage (didn’t quite use that word, but hey, this is a PG-rated blog) if my relationship is not right.”

English: THREE GRACIAS, bronze, cire perdue,20...

English: THREE GRACIAS, bronze, cire perdue,2000, 40 x 34 x 42cm, 35 x 28 x 39cm, 35 x 30 x 37cm, granite base, welded steel pedestals The idea is to show our personal relationship with computers, including sexual attraction, sort of latest antropomorphication of hardware (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Think about it.

I did not mean for it to be profound, and perhaps no one took it as such, but to me, it most certainly was.

You say I am a legend in my own mind?

Indeed, that was a phase earlier in life, no doubt.

But you seriously cannot maintain success juggling life, work, school and play while your relationship is going down in flames.

We are happiest when we are in harmony with our girlfriends, boyfriends and spouses. Our significant others are our greatest allies. If not, we are with the wrong person.

Our significant others give us the benefit of the doubt when what you are sharing with one another is true and honest.

Even if you are not enjoying business success while your personal relationship is going well, you are still benefiting in all areas of your life by enjoying a healthy relationship.

At the least, you are able to better tolerate the lows the business world occasionally provides to us all.

As I look into the immediate future I see it has been more than three days since my last posting. And that saddens me because since this blog debuted mid-April of last year, I have averaged a post every three days.

The frequency of posting may not be as great as I would like going forward.


Relationship (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

But this will be temporary. At some point I will surely have time to be able to get out a few more posts with my usual regularity, and so will refrain from stating in the “About” link at the top here that I will be going to a once a week format.

In the juggling act that life is now for me again, this life balance thing can be tricky if your priorities are not straight.

My personal relationship will always be my first priority in life.

Whatever else comes after that in terms of importance will probably ever be changing, but so long as I am in step with my significant other, my support system, my greatest ally, success is already mine now and hereafter.



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